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November 3, 2012
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Black Bliss Member: Ryder by sushi-rabu Black Bliss Member: Ryder by sushi-rabu

Name: Ryder
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Nickname: Dark Lynx
Voice: Suwabe Junichi
Height: 6' 4"
Sign: Capricorn
Position-type: Seme
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Animal Genes: Iberian Lynx, Chameleon
Special Abilities: Great night vision and hearing, sharp fangs/teeth that can tear through flesh and bone, ability to camouflage his skin color according to his surroundings, can withstand a great amount of pressure/pain inflicted on him, has incredible raw strength, can easily survive in the wild unscathed.
Fav Color(s): Very Dark toned colors, but especially Black, Burgundy and Maroon.
Likes: Iberian Lynxes, Seeing clueless/lost people (because he likes to tease/play with them), spy-work (but he wouldn't call it work), games, relaxing, snacking on insects o_o, biting into tender flesh >__>
Dislikes: Betrayal, his parents, guns (it was what killed his friend), people knowing too much about him (it makes him feel weak/vulnerable)
"Over here~...."
*To Onyx* "You're really a horn-ball, aren't you?" *jokingly*
*To Yuya* "Are you really that clueless or are you just trying to tempt me?"
"Well well, What do we have here... Is this little rabbit lost?"
"That was delicious... Thank you for the meal." *devious smirk*
"Oh you like it rough, don't you?" *smirks*
Personality: Arrogant, Secretive and devious, he likes to be on top in all that he does and doesn't like to be 'controlled' by anyone other than Vaux. However, he believes he is only doing Vaux a favor by helping him out (rather than being 'under his command'). Although him and Vaux have the very same beliefs, they have few to say to each other regarding personal things, because both are too stubborn and egotistic/domineering to open up to each other.

In combat, he is truly relentless, merciless, controlling, deceiving, shrewd and aggressive. If his opponent interests him, he may 'play around' with them a little before deciding to deliver the final blow or critical strike. A way to describe him when fighting could be a 'relentless killing machine/or monster.'

Background Info:
His parents were top of the police force, which influenced him to want to work for law enforcement when he grew older. However, one day, one of his good friends (who was part of a dangerous gang) was killed in a crossfire by his father (a policeman). Ryder felt betrayed, confused and angry and no longer had any respect for the police force or anything relating to laws and justice.

He decided to become a hybrid in his late teens to acquire the genes of a chameleon to help him blend into and hide in various surroundings, and so he could work as a spy for Black Bliss. Vaux came to admire his skills and saw potential and usefulness in him, which is why he took him in.

Because the Iberian Lynx is also Ryder's favorite animal since childhood -and a closely endangered species-, he decided that he wanted its genes so a part of that species could still exist and be preserved within himself. Although it was very difficult to acquire the specimen for his procedure, the great trouble and time spent was not in vain.

Ryder has trained extensively ever since he got into Black Bliss and has mastered using many weapons (even though he's already incredibly strong barehanded). He prefers close combat and using his raw strength instead of a weapon most of the time, but he may pull out and use a concealed weapon when someone least expects it. Often, he may also either 'borrow' Onyx's weapon (take turns using it) or use a Manriki Gusari, which he will use to strike, capture and inflict damage to his 'prey'.

His body is physically in top condition and very tough, able to take a lot of damage without flinching or feeling pain (this may be due to Vaux's more extreme training methods). He often likes to deal with his opponents quickly, but if he finds one interesting, he will tie them up and 'have his own way' with them. >__>

Ryder is often seen hanging around with his cousin Onyx, who was very close to him, since childhood. They like to play pool and any game or sport together on their free time and work together when fulfilling orders given by Vaux. Although their personalities are completely different from another, they have started to get used to each other's behaviors and attitudes, whether it involved tolerance or coping.

:bulletblack: Ryder's skin color is naturally light, but it has become 'genetically' tan after he became a hybrid (due to his personal choice).

Relationships: Older cousin of Onyx

Goal: To exercise his strength/power and to take care of any given task by Vaux, to be in control of hybrids of 'his own' one day.

His cousin, Onyx:
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